DNR Violation

Schedule of Fines and Costs for Operators Charged with a Department of Natural Resources Violation

The schedule below shows the judgment (fine) and costs for each infraction. Once a conviction is entered, $133.00 in court costs are automatically assessed. You need only to pay one court cost even if you have more than one charge. This amount is to be paid whether you appear in Court or not and is set by the State Legislature. The schedule below shows the amount payable if you are not required to attend court.   Fines may vary depending on facts presented in court, during a trial, or any hearing.  If you Fail To Pay your ticket or Fail To Appear in Court, the Court will notify the BMV to suspend your driving privileges.

Exceed Idle Zone Speed

92.00 133.00 225.00

Exceed Night Speed of 10 MPH

117.00 133.00 250.00

Failure to Have Registration Numbers Displayed


Failure to Produce Registration

92.00 133.00 225.00

Fishing/Hunting License Not on Person

67.00 133.00 200.00


67.00 133.00 200.00

Operating Boat with Rider on Bow or Gunwale

117.00 133.00 199.00

Operating Boat without Personal Flotation Device or Insufficient Number on Board

167.00 133.00 300.00

Permitting Unlawful Operation

92.00 133.00 225.00

Operating Watercraft in a No Boat Area Marked with Buoys

92.00 133.00 225.00

Operate Boat without Stern Light

67.00 133.00 200.00

Towing Skier without Observer

92.00 133.00 225.00

Operating Boat in Excess of Carrying Capacity

117.00 133.00 250.00

Failure to Wear Hunter Orange

25.00 0.00 25.00

You must appear in court on the date listed on your ticket if the violation involves:

A Personal Watercraft

Imprudent Operation of A Boat

An ATV or Off Road Vehicle

A Snowmobile

Fishing Violations

Hunting/Trapping Violations